teliri cableshipteliri cableshipteliri cableship

MISSION: telecom cable laying and associated trenching operations, telecom cable maintenance and ROV support.

Teliri is a cable ship for the laying and repair of under water cables. Electric generation is by 2 Wartsila WN 16V25 3,680 kW + 1 Wartsila WN 12V25 2,768 kW feeding: 2 LIPS steerable thrusters with fixed pitch propeller 2,200 kW each, 1 LIPS steerable retractable thruster with fixed pitch propeller in nozzle 2,200 kW, 2 bow LIPS tunnel CP propeller thrusters 450 kW each, laying machines and vessel general services. Teliri is equipped with a Dynamic Positioning System Kongsberg SIMRAD ADP 702 thanks to which the ship can navigate automatically over a pre-established laying route.

Accommodation up to 68 crew, technicals and contractor personnel.

Base portCatania (Italy)
ClassificationRINA * 100 - A - 1.1. MNPe Pcv CNP ELI – IAQ1 –IPD-2
Built year1996
Length overall111.5 m
Length between perpendiculars95.0 m
Breadth, moulded19.0 m
Max draft6.5 m
Max speed14 kts
Bollard pull60 t
Load capacity2,500 t
Accommodation68 crew
Dynamic position systemKongsberg SIMRAD ADP 702
Plough handling and towing equipment:
SMD A-Frame with plough stabilizing and docking systemLifting capacity SWL 30 t
SMD towing winch system fitted with 4,000 m of 40 mm diameter tow wireSWL 55 t on brake max speed 30 m/min @ 10 t 8 m/min @ 35 t

Antonio Meucci

meucci cableshipmeucci cableshipmeucci cableship

MISSION: Submarine tecom cable maintenance and ROV support

The CS “ANTONIO MEUCCI” incorporates a 6300 KW main propulsion system, supplemented with two thrusters that provide effective and economical DP station‐keeping abilities under severe weather and sea conditions. The vessel has three cable tanks capable of carrying 2600 tons of cable. The vessel carries a full suite of fiber optic repair equipment and kits. The vessel is designed to handle both festoon and repeated cable systems. Being a traditional purpose‐designed cable ship, the “ANTONIO MEUCCI” conducts cable repairs over the bow with the use of two 3m‐cable drum engines. Cable lays are conducted over the stern with a 12‐wheel pair linear cable engine. For all cable storage and laying operations, the bending radius of the fiber optic cable is respected. The tank cones, bow and stern sheaves and the cable drums have diameters equal or greater than 3 m.

Base portCatania (Italy)
ClassificationRINA / C * HULL * MACH cable laying ship; unrestricted navigation
Built year1987
Length overall114.0 m
Length between perpendiculars101.4 m
Breadth18.5 m
Max draft6.5 m
Max speed14 Kts
Load capacity2600 t
Accommodation86 crew
Dynamic position systemSimrad Albatross ADP 701

Urbano Monti

monti cableshipmonti cableshipmonti cableshipmonti cableship

MISSION: marine surveys of new submarine cable routes and marine activities linked to submarine cables projects.

The ship built in 2007 as a multi-purpose support vessel has been equipped with state-of-the art equipment for marine surveys: multi-beams echo sounder, side scan sonar, ultra shore base line... Urbano Monti is a perfect complement to existing installation and maintenance cable ships belonging to the Orange group fleet and will enable to provide better services to the customers requiring not only installation services, but more comprehensive turnkey solutions that include also desk top studies, marine surveys as well as any other ancillary activities. The ship has been subject a major refit and conversion, renaming and change of Flag in order to be fully operational and capable to work all around the world.

Base portCatania (Italy)
ClassificationRINA * AUT-UMS- IPD2-IWS-FI-Fi 1-Water spraying-Rescue-Diving ready
Built year2007
Length overall60.0 m
Length between perpendiculars56.45 m
Breadth, moulded15.60 m
Max draft5.3 m (including gondola)
Max speed12 kts
Bollard pull40 t
Load capacity600 t
Accommodation44 crew
Dynamic position systemKongsberg K-POS 21 + CJOY
A-Frame4.5 t
MultibeamsKongsberg EM 122, Kongsberg EM 2040 1x2
CPTNeptune 3000 + winch 2 Km cable length
SSS/SBPSeaprobe DT combined tow System + winch 5 Km cable length
Core3M Gravity core + winch with 3,5 Km cable length
SVPF Castle deck Tugger winch

Catania Cable Depot

Catania Cable DepotCatania Cable DepotCatania Cable Depot

MISSION: storage of spare plant for telecommunication submarine cable systems included in the MECMA agreement, training center and Elettra Tlc spa base port.

The Depot, situated in Catania port, is strategic in performing marine activities in the Mediterranean Sea: one berthing point 90 m length and 7 m water depth at the root of the “Molo di Mezzogiorno”; about 4.000 m2 of open space available; a warehouse over three floors, each 2.700 m3, is used as customs depot, according to EEC regulations. The ground floor includes: warehouse for the storage of repeaters, kits, equalizers and testing room. The first floor includes: 10 tanks with a capacity of more than 5,000 m3. The second floor includes: two fixed 6 WP linear Cable Engines for moving cables to/from ships and to/from cable tanks, two portable 2 WP LCE ROV and Plough are stored within depot area for housing and maintenance when not on board Elettra’s ships.

ROV Phoenix II


The Phoenix II Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is a reliable maintenance system, capable of post-lay inspection, burial cable, cutting and retrieval and other required underwater manipulation tasks up to 2,000 m w.d. The system consists of 125 horsepower ROV, steel armoured umbilical cable, topside support systems (including crane handling system, hydraulic power unit, diesel electric generator, navigation system, Marisat Communications link and operations and maintenance vans). Phoenix II is outfitted with a state-of-the-art Innovatum Ultra cable location and tracking system to enable the ROV to locate and track cable during PLIB and cable maintenance activities. The Ultra system employs four combination gradiometers and triaxal magnetometer sensors with HP 382 computer, high resolution graphics, and data storage.

Depth2,000 meters
Payload 200 kg(without additional foam)
Propulsion (thrusters)4 axial, 4 vertical, 2 lateral
Forward speedup to 3 Kts
Hydraulic power units125 HP (Twin 62.5 HP)
Length4.80 m
Width2.08 m
Height2.60 m
Weight (in air)6,820 kg
Cable/pipeline tracking systemInnovatum Ultra
Manipulators1 – RSI 7-function manipulator
1 – RSI 5-function manipulator
BurialMax burial depth 150cm
speed from 50 to 400 m/h
Jetting spacingfrom 12.5 to 50 cm gap

Rov Canyon ST208

The system produces 200 shaft horsepower. Offering both “free fly” and “tracked” modes of operations using unique retractable track modules, the system maximizes production in varying soil and bottom conditions. An advanced composite “bagpipe” style burial system with variable depth compatibility provides optimum burial performance in soil conditions up to 45 kPa. The vehicle is suitable for the following tasks:

  • - Cable and flowline burial
  • - Detection and tracking of surface-laid and buried cable
  • - Cable burial depth determination and logging
  • - Auto-follow cable tracking
  • - Manipulation of cable product using cutters, grippers and surface recovery lines
  • - Debris clearance

Power200 shp
Propulsion4 x horizontal and 4 x vertical thrusters
Forward speedMax forward (free flying) 2.3 knots
Max forward (tracked) 3.3 knots
Height2.20 m
Height (tracks deployed) 3.31 m
Length3.10 m
Width (excluding tracks) 2.00 m
WeightFree fly configuration 6,000 kg Track mode configuration 7,000 kg
Jetting system2x90 hp hydraulic driving water pumps
Cable/pipeline tracking systemTSS dualtrack (TSS340/350) cable and pipeline detection
ManipulatorsOrion 7-function manipulator

Taurus Plough System

Taurus Plough SystemTaurus Plough SystemTaurus Plough System

The Plough System is a well proven, high quality burial plough, manufactured by Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd. It is operated and maintained by Elettra Tlc spa and normally is supported by one of the Elettra’s cableships (C/S Teliri or Certamen). Specification Burial system: minimum pull, passive blade temporarily lifting a soil wedge for trenchless burial with minimum soil disturbance and thus best cable protection. Operation: pulled by tow rope from surface vessel. Burial depth: maximum possible cutting depth to underside of cable 1.500 mm in favourable conditions.

Dimensions9.4 m long - 4.7 m high - 4.6 m wide
Weight16.0 t in air - 13.0 t in water (approx)
Operating depth1.500 m maximum
Towing forcesNormal (1.500 mm deep) 10 - 50 t
Cable/repeater sizeCables 17 - 150 mm dia.
Repeaters up to 380 mm dia.
Repeater burial depth500 mm
Cable bend radius1.5 m minimum along the cable path during normal ploughing.
Soil capabilitiesAny, with good rock ripping capability. Soft mud 5 kPa min
Ploughing speed1 m/s depending on seabed conditions
Control and instrumentationPlough and cable information
Surveillance equipment3 monochrome SIT cameras
1 Sonar Mesotech MS 900
Telemetry systemCEGELEC GEM.80
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